These pics were taken just west of Oak Ridge at 3:45 pm Sat. 4-26-99. The first pic shows 3 tankers coming into Knoxville over Oak Ridge. They were flying in formation side by side and a few seconds before this pic was taken the uppermost plane split off from the other three. Note that below the threee military planes sparying the chemtrails there is a passenger jet flying toward the right leaving a contrail which is narrow and dissipates almost immeditely. This picure proves that the chemtrails are being left by military aircraft, commercial cannot legally fly in formation, and also that the chemtrails are a chemical, not condensation by viewing how they do not dissipate, but the real contrail does.

These following pics show how the trails never dissipate but just expand becoming one, and eventually become what appears as a couldy haze. Jet with normal contrail can be seen moving toward the chemtrails, with it's trail staying short and narrow as is normal.

This last pick is interesting because you can see where they turned the spray on as they came into the cities at the lower right corner. The commercial jet can be seen crossing the three chemtrails near the center.