Here are some X's that have been painted over Knoxville over the last week. This one was about a week ago:

These were taken last Wednesday by Sean, several of the X's were blown off target and were redrawn after after going to the southeast. In all cases after the X's were drawn the tanker planes sprayed over the whole city in a grid pattern.

Here are some pics from yesterday, Saturday taken by Sean:

Here are pics from Today, Sunday taken by Sean:

This pic is (below) interesting, it proves absolutely that this can not be vapor trails. Vapor trails cannot form below 20,000 feet, yet this type of cloud ABOVE the trail cannot form above 15,000 feet. That means that the trail cannot be water but must be a chemical that does not have as high a vapor presser as water. I took this and the next pics.

In this pic, the resolution of the camera is not very good, but I watched the X being drawn which is behind the tree. About 5 mintues later the X has spread out until it looked almost like a cloud, below the REAL clouds