Colloidal Silver and Food Poisoning

The following is the reprint of an email that Bob Lee sent to the Colloidal Silver list May 18, 1999. It shows just how well colloidal silver ( EIS ) can work for severe food poisoning. From my own experiences and those of my friends and family we have found it to provide immediate and total relief from all occurances of food poisoning we have encountered.

Please note that he refers to the poisoning as botulism, which is incorrect, it would actually have been salmonella. But the point is well made:

Greeting Glorious Ones of CS,

A Test: Do not do this at home.

A few military friends of mine got together last week for the usual yak-yak about military things.

The talk came around to the anthrax shots. I opened my mouth and said they wouldn`t need them if all the military were taking CS

A long discussion then went on, at the end we had decided to set up a real "he-man", "macho", "walk the walk" test. Cold brew will do things to normally intelligent people. This was not a smart thing to do, but please consider who our small group is. One was me, Tai-Pan, ex-seal from Nam, One ex-Army Ranger, Shannon, from Desert Storm, and one ex-82nd Air Borne from Bosnia, Richard, (paratrooper). I`m the oldest, they are young guys. The test was to eat rotten meat and see if the CS would prevent problems. We agreed that if anyone became ill we would wait for at least a 103f fever before taking CS. If it (the CS) did not work we would go to the ER at a fever of 105f. The ER was only a few blocks away at Poly Ryan Hospital. Then we decided that one, Richard, would be the observer, and the other two would eat the rotten meat. Then we decided that one meat would be treated with CS and one not.

OK, so here we go to Richard`s house and get the rotten meat he was going to throw out, it smelled very bad and strong. Richard is baching, so whats new. We made two patties of about 1/4 lb each, hamburger size. One was put in a bowl and CS poured over it and kneeded well in the CS and made into a patty again. The other one was untreated. We drew straws to see who got each patty. I got the CS one and Shannon got the untreated one. We ate them, with a little beer to blunt the taste of them. Really macho. :-) Then we waited. After half an hour Shannon developed a stomach ache, which proceeded to get worse. He had classical symptoms of food poisoning (botulism). I did not develop any symptoms at all. His temperature began to rise so we decided to use the CS right away at about 101.5f. Gave Shannon four tablespoons of CS every 15 minutes for 90 minutes (1 1/2 hrs). Temperature held steady then began dropping, gave CS at four tablespoons every 30 minutes, and by the end of four hours he was feeling normal again. Continued CS at four tablespoons once an hour until the end of six hours just to make sure the botulism was gone. That was Saturday, now its Monday and still OK. CS was 9ppm, active.

So whats it prove,(besides our dumb idea). Well, the CS treated meat was rendered safe. Can treat rotten food in an emergency if need be with CS and use it. Proved it would stop botulism. I usually take CS before eating out anyway. Proved we shouldn`t drink so much at one time.

Now Richard and Shannon are using CS. :-) Now I feel better about them and their health.

Bless you Bob Lee